The Case for Inclusion 2019


Beyond the data and resources that comprise the Case for Inclusion 2020, there are a range of ways in which the ANCOR Foundation and UCP can help members of the press interested in reporting on what we can all do to include, support and empower people of all abilities.

To ask questions, request expert interviews, get connected with the stories of real families and more, please email Sean Luechtefeld, Communications Director for ANCOR and the ANCOR Foundation, or call 703.535.7850, ext. 100.


Press Release

Case for Inclusion 2020 National Press Release

Outreach Toolkit

The Case for Inclusion can only be a powerful tool with your help! This Outreach Toolkit makes it easy to reach out to your colleagues, policymakers, members of the press and more.

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News, analysis and updates about Case for Inclusion data and our collective effort to promote true community inclusion for all.
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Case for Inclusion 2020 National Press Release

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